Windspire Wind Turbine

Wind farms are becoming more popular in rural areas in the united states. An industry expert says last year alone wind power in America grew by 45 percent. Mostly wind power is generated by large propellers that can only be placed in the country side.

However now, a US company is offering a propeller free personal windmill, that can be set up in a city or suburb. They call it the Wind Spire. It can generate 25% to 30% of the power in your house. The 3kw version which is twice the width and the same height will generate 100% of your households power requirements.

This new generator was included in a green exhibit at the United States botanical garden located in Washington. They designed it from looking at an old version almost three thousand year old that was found in Egypt and utilized for grinding wheat. Independent tests have been conducted in Utah to show that this type of wind turbine can compete with the ones found on traditional wind farms with the huge blades.

The wind blades of the larger turbines are infamous for killing birds and bats. This is because their speeds are usually way faster than the speed of the wind, and this also means that they tend to produce more noise. The Wind Spire vertical axis wind generator however, is very silent and does not pose too much of a threat to birds. It has been designed to spin at only two and a half times the speed of wind so it is always visible to birds at all times.

The company has started installing the 9m tall devices which can plug into household power and customers can see on their home computers how much electricity they are getting from the wind turbine. It is equipped with a wireless transmitter which tells how much power is being produced and how fast the wind is blowing. All of this information is relayed to your home computer.

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