Wind Turbine Ventilator

Wind turbine ventilators are exactly as the name implies, they are a ventilator that is powered by the wind to create effective ventilation for different industries. This product works on wind assisted ventilation. Even just a little bit of wind can be just enough for the turbo ventilator to rotate.

When it comes to roof top ventilators they have several advantages as compared to the standard type of ventilator. Some of their many advantages include that they do not need to be powered by electricity, it does not cause any harm what so ever to the environment, it tends to save a lot of money because there is no operating cost, it is light in weight which makes this invention durable and easy to transport if necessary, plus it is almost maintenance free.

A great thing about this is that it is also available in different types of materials so they can suit different types of weather conditions. The two choices of the material are either aluminum or stainless steel. The size, number and installation all depend on different factors which include wind velocity, temperature differential, environment conditions, and the size of the building.

 Wind Turbine Ventilator

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They have many different sizes of wind turbo ventilators that range from 16″ to 34″.
Due to the fact that they are located at the highest point of the roof it is able to give off optimum ventilation. They also have to be strong and anti-corrosive. As they are installed on the top of the roof and would come in contact with rain and birds they had to make these machines rainwater and bird proof. They have also designed it in a way that prevents down draft into the building allowing air entry from the side openings.

Ultimately wind turbine ventilators are pleasant

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