Wind Turbine Manufacturers

There is many wind turbine manufacturers popping up all over these days, and it is not a surprise at all to those already in the know. Wind energy is not going anywhere. The United Nations has pledged their goal to have at least 80% of energy to be derived from renewable energy sources by the year 2050. The only competitor for renewable energy has been nuclear energy. However, many countries such as Japan, Germany and Italy have already stopped producing energy from this often controversial energy source. They are actively pursing different renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Even smaller countries like the UK are catching on and to date have installed wind farms and are projected to be running as many as sixty thousand wind turbines by the end of 2015.

Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Sonkyo Energy

Sonkyo Energy specializes in small wind turbines. Their front brand is the Windspot turbine which is available in at least four different sizes. They manufacture reliable, strong, efficient and very quiet wind turbines. All their products are certified by various international organizations, including SEPEN from France, Denmark’s Folk Center, Grontmij. They have also partnered with many universities and technology colleges such as Brown University from the United States and Penghu University from Taiwan. These organizations help with their research, innovation as well as the development of their wind turbines.

All the Windspot turbines are also ISO 9001 certified. You do not have to worry about the quality of the parts they use as they rigorously inspect all parts for quality and durability. Most of their research and development budget is being used up in improving their permanent magnet generators, their aerodynamic, the whole system including the controls too. Windspot wind generators are designed to produce wind energy in high speed environments without excessively rotating, but staying relatively quiet at the same time. Distribution is carried out by the company Tatung in the Asia region. You can find physical warehouses as well as offices on three continents, one in the USA, one in Taiwan and another in Europe.

As far as worldwide distributors are concerned, they have partnered with more than 20 companies worldwide. In Europe they have distributors in Spain, France, Turkey, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Ireland. In Africa they have distributors in Madagascar, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. Israel in the Middle East. In south Asia Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. They also have a distributor in the Caribbean in Puerto Rico. They expect to have more than 3500 Windspots distributed across the world by the end of 2015. They are actively attending international wind energy trade fairs to advertise their wind turbines. They also offer their own in house training conferences for their products.

You can find more information at their website:

Siemens Wind Energy

When it comes to wind turbines for offshore and onshore wind projects many rely on German based wind manufacture Siemens wide range of wind turbines. Not only do they manufacture the actual wind turbines, they also provide the electronic equipment that runs the farms providing communication between the individual pillars with the grid. Their focus is mainly on automating the tasks of managing the farm, as well as systems to help monitor all the functions within. They provide lifetime consultation services for their products.

They have many standard products that they offer, but at the same time they have developed their own custom solutions as well as systems. Their ultimate goal is to provide a complete solution for their customers. All their equipment is built according the standards of the industry, including all set regulations for safety. When you invest in wind energy equipment from Siemens, you know you are getting quality products that have been developed over many decades now. You can expect them to be very reliable and durable. They have delivered over eighteen thousand wind turbines worldwide, and in each case the equipment functioned as expected. As for after sales support, they have repair centers scattered all over the globe that are always waiting and ready to assist.

You can get more information from their website here:


Sunforce Products Inc

Montreal based Sunforce Products Inc has fast become a leading manufacturer in the renewable energy field. They manufacture both wind generators as well as solar energy equipment. They have distributors all over the world, and three other offices one in Hong Kong, another in Spain and the last one in Mexico. They began operating in late 2003 and have since developed their product range to supply not only the different size wind turbines, but also other necessary system accessories such as charge controllers.

Their target market is the home user. Their goal is to provide easy to install kits that anyone can set up in their home or on their boats. They strive to keep every thing super simple, that you will not need any professional help to set up their products. Just purchase the kit and follow the set up instructions and you should have your wind turbine running without any problems. At the time of researching this article they had a 400W and 600W wind turbine for both land and water. The water one is very popular with boaters, due to its reliability, quietness and durability. The also provide full kits that come with the tower as well as 12V or 24V options.

For more information on their products go here:

These are just three of the manufactures that are now active in this industry. As the industry grows, more and more companies will enter the market. Some will make an impact others will be one hit wonders. At the end of the day if you are going to be investing in wind energy equipment, it would be a good idea to stick with the established wind turbine manufacturers, for quality products and reliable support.



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