Wind Turbine Maintenance & Cleaning Process

When wind turbines are installed they get a check up at least once every year to make sure that they are clean and working efficiently. Most come with an initial five year maintenance warranty. This would cover all the wind turbine maintenance and guarantee the wind turbine blades too. The process for each turbine involves a lot of check points and takes a few days to complete.

The maintenance guy has to climb up to the top of the wind tower, to get access to the gear section. In there they need to get samples of the gear oil. It should ideally be changed once every three years. They also need to grease up some of the fittings as well as change the brake pads if they are worn out. The electronic system is also tested to make sure it is working properly.

Wind Turbine Maintenance & Cleaning

The torque of each section of the wind tower, should also be checked to ensure they are still tight. The electronics control box at the bottom of the tower is also given a thorough check up. Any burnt wires have to be replaced and the enclosure is properly sealed in order to keep everything within it dry and protected from the weather ailments.

If the blades are found to be dirty, they too have to be washed. They use a 12 foot pole and they clean as far as they can reach using this pole. If they need to clean further down the blades, then a power washer has to be hoisted up to the top and used for that purpose. Before heading up the tower any tools needed for maintenance process should first be lifted up to the top using a specially designed pulley system.

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