Wind Turbine Batteries

When it comes to wind turbine batteries it is recommended that you use deep cycle batteries. You have to be very careful when you go out to purchase these as there are many different varieties some which are very expensive. Golf cart batteries are perfect to use for your wind battery bank. This because they are designed to lose all their charge and then be recharged again. They therefore have a high lead content in them. On the other hand regular vehicle ones are designed to maintain a constant charge and do not have the ability to deep cycle.

interstate u2200 batterySome of the advantages of using golf cart batteries to store your wind energy are that they are readily available. These batteries are also very inexpensive, you can get them for less than $100 dollars each. Often the manufactures have lifetime warranties for the batteries too, so if you ever had any problems with the batteries you could always call the manufacturer and they will be more than happy to replace it with a brand new one. In the United States one recommended brand is the Interstate U2200 one. These are available from many dealers nationwide. This is perfect for smaller systems, it is a 6V deep cycle with 220 Amp Hours.


Wind Turbine Battery Purchasing Tips

When building or replacing the batteries in your bank it is important that you use the same type. Make sure you match the same Amp Hours and all the other specifications in order to maintain efficiency of your system. You want to choose a manufacturer that is established and is likely to be around to service you five to ten years from the first day you install your bank. Be careful when you purchase wind turbine kits that include batteries, they often charge you way more for them than they actually are worth. Some companies have been known to take similar batteries to the one suggested above and then place a different sticker on it and resale that to you for double the cost.

How Much Power Do You Need To Charge?

6 V Deep Cycle Wind BatterySome batteries require more watts to fully charge them, than others this is also something that you should consider when you are looking at investing in these. If for example you want to charge a single 12V deep cycle battery often made for RVs and boats. One recommended 12V battery would be the Energizer® Deep Cycle Marine Battery. They also have a 6V golf cart battery, but for now let us use the 12V battery for this example. If you take a 500W wind turbine running at full capacity, you could get as much as 38 Amps of power out of it. This is to say for a single battery, you do not need a wind turbine that produces more than 750W. You should be able to charge any battery with very little wind speed, you do not require high wind speeds.

How To Set Up A Simple Wind Battery Bank?

If you are going to build a battery bank, one easy set up is the six battery one. You have two rows of three 12V batteries side by side. The amp age does not necessarily have to be the same for each battery, however that would be ideal. You connect them together using some round tubing that has been flattened out, with holes drilled in them to attach the battery leads. The wires from the batteries are connected to the charge controller which will help control the charge and shut off or redirect power when the batteries become fully charged. You will also need an inverter to convert the stored battery power into electricity that can then be used in your home or elsewhere.

C&D Technologies also provides reliable deep cycle batteries which can be used for your banks. They have many different models available depending on your needs. All their products are however designed to withstand aggressive storage and usage conditions. These batteries are also very durable and been known to maintain very high cycle counts as well as overall long battery life. If you are looking for wind turbine batteries, these are a great option too.

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