Wind Generator Cloth Sails

Wind is undeniably a strong force. Gentle winds can blow leaves move sand and even fly a kite. Stronger winds have been able to knock down trees trailers and even blow off the roves of some houses. Because of its strong power people have used it to even push ships across the ocean by it’s sails. However the newest purpose that people have used wind for is to generate electricity to power their homes.

Wind energy is something that is something good to use because it’s a natural resource that cannot run out and does not cause any sort of pollution to our environment. The first windmill originally came from china back in 200 b.c and it was actually made to pump water. The Persians decided to take advantage of wind power and use it to grind grain. Those windmills were quite different compared to the standard windmills that have been created in today’s society.

The windmills of their time were built on a vertical axis with cloth sails moving around like a carousel. Even though countries like the Dutch used wooden blades which eventually became a symbol for them, other countries such as Spain and Greece used the cloth sails instead of the wooden blades because they found it to be more efficient for their specific needs. However none of these countries used the wind mill to create electricity. It wasn’t till 1888 that Charles F Brush built a post mill inCleveland,Ohio to generate electricity.

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