Wind Generator Blades

When it comes to wind generator blades, a lot of time has been spent testing them in wind tunnels and the results of all this research are in. The first thing we want to look at is the blade area. The truth is that the blades that look like Samurai swords are not as efficient as other blades because they lack surface area. It is a relative equation the longer your blade the more surface area, the more wind that hits the blade the more energy will be transferred to your batteries.

It was also noticed that smaller blades will not spin faster, this just defies the laws of physics. It does not matter the shape of the blades, it will never slice through the air. If smaller blades where more efficient we would see them on all those huge wind generators we see in our growing wind farms.

The second thing ¬†they looked at was the number of blades that each wind generator should have. It has been discovered that four to five configurations of blades do not help anything. They are actually less efficient than the tradition three bladed wind generator. Again we should look at the wind generators on the world’s growing wind farms, you will notice they all have a three blade configuration. If more provided more power, I am sure all these gigantic wind generators would have four or five blade configurations.

wind generator blades

What actually happens is that any blade over the third one actually slows down the wind turbine by causing turbulence. The wind turbine with more blades may initially have a slower start up speed than the three bladed one, but as soon as it starts up, it will create a considerable amount of turbulence that your wind generator does not really benefit from. The other blades will then waste their energy on trying to overcome the turbulence.

So there you go, if you are planning on building your own generator at home. You now know that you only require three wind generator blades, any more than that will not generator more wind energy. They will instead cost you more in the long run. If you want a good blade for your generator, you should purchase the longest one you can afford. It does not matter if it is made of aluminum or steel the longest one will generate more wind power for you.

World’s Longest Wind Turbine Blades

When it comes to wind turbine blades, Siemens currently holds the record for the longest blades built for an actual wind turbine. They have designed blades that are 75m long. If you want to get an idea of how long this really is, just go to your local airport and look at the wing span of the world’s largest plane the Airbus 380. These new rotor blades are just slightly shorter than that. When they spin each one will cover an area as large as 18,600 square meters. This can be compared to the width of two and a half professional soccer fields laid side by side.

 World's longest wind turbine blade

In order to ensure that the blade is very strong, they actually had to build each one as one single piece. The material they used for this is the more commonly used fiber glass reinforced epoxy resin. They also used balsa wood and integrated it into the blade using their patented process that they call IntergralBlade. There also incorporated Aeroelastic Tethered Blade Technology (ATB) and this allows the blade to have the curve. What are the advantages of having such a large blade? Well for starters in just wind of 10 meters per second these wind turbine blades can create the energy that is equivalent to two hundred tonnes of air for each second. The world’s longest wind turbine blades where initially tested on Siemens 6MW Gearless Offshore Wind Turbine.

Wind Generator Blades For Sale

Maybe you are building your own wind generator at home or you are repairing your old wind generator, you can actually purchase kits that come with just the blades. One such kit is sold by a company called Applied Magnets. You get three blades perfect for the Windmax generators. They are strong blades made from reinforced fibber glass. They work well in low wind speeds and are very efficient. The blades are 10.6 feet or 3.2 meters in diameter and are perfect for 1kW and 1.5KW wind generators.

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You can also get 3 wind generator blades for the GudCraft WG700W Wind Generator. You get the full set of three and they come to you with a one year warranty. Unlike the WindMax above there work at a lower power output of just 700W.

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3 Blades For Gudcraft WInd Generators

Gudcraft also has another set of 3 wind generator blades that work well with their WG500 wind generator. They can also be used for other generators with the same output. These blades are made from a very light weight plastic that is also weather proof. They come to you in a box and you also get a full year warranty on these

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These are just three of the different models and packages that you can purchase. If you have a different type of wind generator. You can still perform a quick search on Google, eBay or Amazon and you will most likely find something that will work for your situation. Remember the important facts regarding wind generator blades, that have already been discussed above.

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