Whisper Wind Generators

Whisper wind generators are quiet wind generators that come in many different sizes. World Power whisper is just one brand that has a new black on stainless steal appearance. It also comes with improved corrosion protection designed to last 20 years and a brand new alternator enclosed among other things. All models come with LCD digital monitor, patented Angle Governor, lifetime brush and slip ring assembly which are just to name a few of the features.

The Whisper 100 has been created to operate for wind speeds 12 mph 5.4m/s and greater which are considered to be the average of medium to high speed. The diameter of the rotor is 7ft and 40 square feet. Certain new and improved features of this whisper wind generator include: the cast of the aluminum has been made stronger; the temperature has been tested from 30F to over 90F the heat transfer has been increased so that cooling maybe better and there has also been a reinforcement of the blade fiber.

The whisper 200 is the next design which has been made for people in low to moderate wind speeds with the average of the wind falling bellow 12 mph, 5.4 m/s. The diameter of the rotor on this model is 10 ft and its 80 square feet. It provides you with double the energy that is provided by the whisper 100 and delivers 6.3 KWM per day.

Out of the three the most powerful model would be the whisper 500. The diameter of this machine is 14 ft and covers a 175 ft area. It is also said to be an excelling machine to power ranches, farms, and remote homes. All models come with a 2 year warranty, which model is the best for you?

Another whisper wind generator is the The Sunforce 44447 Whisper 100 900 Watt Wind Generator

uses wind to generate power and run your appliances and electronics. Ultra-quiet wind turbine is designed to operate in a site with medium to high wind speed averages of 12 MPH and greater.

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