Turbine Wind Generators For Sailboats

When out on the lake or ocean a turbine wind generator for a sailboat is an excellent and necessary thing to havebecause of it’s high energyand compact size. The Air X marine might be a good solution to satisfy your energy needs. Used by many the AIR X machine is said to be the most popular out of all the small wind turbines that are available for purchase today.


This turbine wind generator could be specifically for you if you own a cruiser because that’s what it was designed for. It was made to be quite easy to install, and will save you money by providing you energy for years without having to maintain it and is designed for 20-40 ft boats.

It has a new technology that makes the marine the best which is micro processor technology which gives it improvements in performance, reliability, battery changing, and reduction of noise. Because of it’s old aero-elastic blade design there were higher noise levels however with the new design once it reaches the rated output, the blades get slowed down which result in a lot less noise.

Some of the other main features include it only has two moving parts so it’s maintenance free, comes with a Full Marine Tower Kit which is easy to mount on sailboats, it’s alluminum alloy casting is the quality of an aircraft, it also has something called theHigh Wind Safe Mode which automatically slows theturbine downin winds that arepotentially damaging.

Reduces noise and distractions as much as possible leaving you satisfied so that you may enjoy your time as much as possible onyour boat, a marine powder based coating and stainless steel fittings so that your turbine maybe protected from corrosion in it’s marine environment and finally has an exclusive feature called auto break which slows the AIR to a silent spin when the batteries are charged whichextends hebearing life and eliminates noise.

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