The Power Generated From Sun And Wind

The term green energy refers to the generation of power, usually electrical power, through renewable resources – in other words, using energy sources that dont run out because we’ve used some of them. Green energy contrasts with power provided by fossil fuel, the emissions of which create toxic hydrocarbons that make us and our earth sick. Some green energy sources are sun, wind and water.

Green energy produced by the sun is called solar energy, generally captured through solar panels. There are two types of these solar panels. Each uses its own technology to create this green solar energy. Solar water heater collectors are green energy panels that absorb the suns energy and transfer it to water to heat it Solar or photovoltaic electric panels transform the radiation from the sun directly into electrical energy. For the best efficiency in solar green energy homeowners or contractors should mount the panels on a roof that faces south and at a 30 degree angle from the horizontal, and not near any shade or shadow caused by surrounding buildings, trees or chimneys.

Solar energy systems for water hearing are the most popular green energy in use in the United Kingdom. Connected to a homes hot water system, the solar panels provide more than half of each UK households hot water for a year. The two choices in solar collectors to heat water are evacuated tubes or flat plates.

Wind has been a source of green energy for several years. The primary early use of this green energy is to pump water and mill grain. Recently improvements in the technology of wind turbines have enabled the use of harnessed wind for the generation of electricity. In high wind areas such as Palm Springs CA, for example, you’ll see hundreds of wind turbines turning continually on the hills along the major thoroughfares. The electricity these generate then get exported to a grid for local use or for energizing a standalone application.

Wind as green energy has enormous potential both offshore and onshore for farming. It is one of the safest and cleanest of any of the renewable energy methods. The largest green energy source is the UKs use of wind energy. There you’ll find small green energy battery charging by wind at the lower end of the wind energy spectrum and huge wind farms that produce vast amounts of electricity at the higher end. While wind is currently producing less than one percent of the worlds energy green or otherwise, it has the potential for providing more than 10 percent. The expectation is that this will happen within the next twenty years, especially due to its highly competitive cost. Green energy from wind is very simple to create and maintain, and still leaves the surrounding land available for farming or development.

Of course, as with any green energy, neither solar or wind energy produce emissions or pollutants during their operation. About the only negative for either is the fact that some folks object to the look of the wind turbines, claiming it has a negative visual impact. Others disagree.

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