The Floating Balloon Wind Generator

Introducing The Magenn Power Air Rotar System (MARS) which incorporates a light device which is tethered to the ground, but suspended way up above the ground to harness wind energy at a cost that is way lower than most other systems.

magenn air rotor system MARS

There is a transformer at the ground station that collects all the generated electricity and the feeds it into the power grid. The air rotor is filled up with helium gas and this helps it get off the ground. The Magnus effect is what helps this device stay stable and in one area.

As opposed to other wind turbines, found on many wind farms worldwide this one does not require a tower or the long blades.

Other advantages include:

  1. closed three-dimensional structure.
  2. high torque
  3. low starting speeds
  4. superior overall efficiency

This prototype designed by Magenn Power is a closed three dimensional structure. This design allows them to be able to produce air rotors of varying sizes, at a very low cost when compared to the cost of building other wind energy systems. They are more interested in licensing this idea, than actually going into production themselves.

Very interesting concept, very cool and edgy….

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