Tesnic Home Wind Generator

So you have decided you want a home wind generator, huh? Well you do have many choices to choose from, especially with all the attention renewable energy resources have been getting in recent months. One brand that has been gaining in popularity recently is the Tesnic home wind generator.

Tesnic home wind generator

This type of generator is from the vertical axis wind turbine family. It consists of a rotor assembly that has more than two hundred disks stacked on top of each other with a narrow two millimeter gap in between each one of them. On the circumference of the rotors is a bunch of twisted blades made of airfoil, whose sole purpose is to redirect the airflow to the surface of the blades.

They have designed this generator to harness wind energy to the maximum possible extent. There are many different ways that this assembly produces wind energy from the wind. The first way is the most common way which is the standard way in most generators. It involves the simple lift and drag via the blades on the circumference of the rotor. The other way is through adhesion, which is when the air enters the gaps between the disks and adheres itself to the surface. This ultimately increases the rotation of the main rotor.

The Tesnic home wind generator is very small and compact, which means you can easily install it on top of your house, on your roof. A lot of research and development hours have gone into the design of this type of generator, in order to make it super efficient. It does not hurt to know that this is a very affordable wind turbine for any household.

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