Sunforce Wind Generators

Sun force is a brand name that is slowly gaining more market power,
The specialize in the manufacture of 12V solutions than use natural
resources to harness energy. They mainly manufacture solar products
and have also branched out into wind generators

Sunforce is yet another Canadian company based out of Montreal,
Canada. Yet another natural energy harnessing manufacturer in the
province of Quebec. All theirĀ  global operations are run out of the
Montreal office.

When it comes to wind generators they manufacture 3 different
models. The most popular being the 400 watt model which is featured
in the picture below. Sunforce wind generators are great for your cottages,
12V battery charging, providing power in remote areas, back up power
and also for hobbyists.

They are also maintenance free, due to the fact that they are built with
only two moving parts. The wind generator blades are made from
carbin fiber composite which ensures low wind noise when the turbines
start rotating in most wind speeds. The blades are 13 inches long, there’s
3 of them with an overall diameter of 46 inches for maximum exposure
to the wind and to help you generate as much energy from whatever
available wind there is.

Other features include that they are totally weatherproof, come with a 3 year
warranty, are made up of a light weight aluminium cast body, very easy
to install and come equipped with a fully integrated regulator which
will automatically shut down when the power back up batteries are
fully charged in order to minimize wear and tear.

The units do not come installed but are very easy to install. The battery
and the mounting kit are not included you have to buy those as extra
accesories to when you buy the 400W sunforce wind generator. So take
that into consideration when you are making your buying decision.

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