Saphonian – Zero Blade Wind Converter

Every time I hear someone mention a bladeless wind turbine, I get very intrigued. This is exactly what happened when I recently discovered the Saphonian also known as the Zero Blade Wind Converter. It is the brain child of inventor and chairman of Saphon Energy Anis Aouni, a 39 year old engineer from the north African state of Tunisia.

Saphonian Bladeless Wind Turbine

What makes this turbine different? Well since it has no blades, there is no rotation. There is a back and forth motion instead, which generates hydraulic pressure. This pressure is what is stored and converted into the energy. The movement of the converter is inspired by nature, and is essentially one big 8 movement within the space. This is the same movement observed in the tails of fish or the wings of birds.

How about its efficiency? Tests carried out on the machine have concluded that it is more efficient than the traditional turbine. As much as 1.7 times more performance. The other advantage is also the cost, which is way less. Unfortunately, this converter will not be available for sale, the company’s main focus is being a worldwide energy provider and not hardware sales.

You can watch the video below on the zero blade wind converter…

You can watch the video below on the Saphonian from BBC…

You can watch the video below on the Saphonian from Africa News…


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