RV Wind Generators

Wind is a free, sustainable, renewable resource that is both environmentally safe and economically sound. These are important aspects to consider, especially when it comes to one’s power source. This is what gives RV Wind Generators a great advantage over any other generator. Because the wind produces kinetic energy to create electricity, there is no harmful environmental bi-product produced, which means no pollution.

There are also great incentives like lower utility bills and increased savings. The next factor is that wind is a renewable energy source, which means that it will not run out like other sources such as oil and coal. With all these advantages and the knowledge of a personal contribution to saving the environment, using just a small amount of wind power through wind generators can greatly help.

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and not having a fully charged battery. Flat batteries (found in standard RVs) are an inconvenience, and at worst a disaster, if safety or essential equipment is without power. Furthermore, the time and cost of charging and replacing batteries can be substantial. Batteries that are used frequently have short lives, and an engine that struggles to charge them and get the batteries started suffers much depletion from the process.

Wind powered generators can produce quite a large amount of energy as well, up to 3,000 watts and more, without having the expense and exhaust of a noisy generator. The Charging Systems are designed to easily integrate into your electrical network to charge your batteries automatically and quietly. The power generated is directly related to wind speed and the energy is converted into electricity. Once purchased the power produced by rv wind generators is free and environmentally safe, for lifetime.

Air-X RV Wind Generators

A great rv wind turbine to consider is the Air-X developed by Air…

Air X Wind Generator


This rv wind generator is made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy castings and has carbon fiber composite blades. This generator can easily be installed on any roof and you should not be worried too much about maintenance with only two moving parts and and a 3 year warranty. I think the best feature for your rv neighbours since they are usually pretty close to you is the low noise that this unit provides, very neighbor friendly.

You can get more information on the Air-X  here.

Rutland 504 Windcharger For RVs

Rutland is a United Kingdom based company that has been in the business of providing wind turbines for over 30 years now. The Rutland 504 Wind Turbine is designed to be very light in weight and easy to transport to wherever it is needed. This make it great for use on RVs and motor homes. It can be used to run all the appliances in your RV, including your television and the lights. This wind generator has a blade span of 5.10 m and the radius turns at 3.04 meters.

Rutland 504 Wind Charger

You will notice a design feature that is unique to this small turbine. The six blades are connected together all the way around by an outer rim. You can expect the wind generator to start turning at very low wind speeds of just 2.5 meters per second. If the wind manages to get up to 15 meters per second you can expect a power production of about 44 Watts. There is a land tower as well as a kit you can use for rigging that is available for your use when you are mounting this generator. It has been dubbed the safety turbine and is perfect for charging 12 volt batteries. At the time of writing this article, it was available for $549.00.

You can buy it online or get more information – click here…

Rover Wind Turbine Kit for RVs

The company Windy Nation sells the Rover kit which is perfect for your RV wind generators. It has 5 blades that are made from aluminum and are each 28 inches long. The rooter is housed in an aluminum housing that utilizes fasteners made from stainless steel. They provide you all you need in this kit, you just follow the instructions and then you can go right ahead and mount it on the mount provided.

Rover RV Wnd Generator Kit

If you are worried about after sales service, do not be. You will get 24 month warranty on both the parts as well as any required labor. You can expect this wind generator to produce up to 300 Watts when it is rotating at a speed of at least 28 miles per hour winds. The minimum required wind for operation for the Rover is at least seven miles per hour. You can use it to charge both a 12 Volt and a 24 Volt battery. Just makes sure that you use the suggested fuses for which ever battery you decide to use for your motor home. When fully assembled this generator will weight just a little more than twelve kilograms or about twenty seven pounds. At the time of writing this article this rv wind generator kit is available for $499.00.



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