Portable Wind Generators

History shows that we have hurt our environment so badly right now we need to do as much as we can to help. One great invention that has been created in the past decades is the wind generator.

Wind generators are great because they allow us to use wind, a natural resource to provide us with energy. Not only do we get to use a renewable resource, they also do not omit any pollution so we will not be hurting our ozone layer. This is especially ideal for people that live out in the country or for island living.

There is an awesome wind generator available called the Islomaniac and this wind power generator is completely portable and suitable for small scale use. The convenient thing about this portable generator is that it does not only take advantage of one resource, it takes advantage of both solar and wind power and unlike many systems that are on the market today it is quite easy to set up.

Portable Wind Generators

A lot of these turbines weigh under 80 pounds and the dual solar panels are capable of generating 80 Amp-hours per day. At first the initial cost to have a portable wind generator could be a little expensive. However do keep in mind that like most green power systems, the system requires little investment beyond the initial purchase that you make. Just think how great it would be to pay as little as 5 cents a day for energy.

Another convenient thing about portable wind generators is that the standard wind generator normally sits on top of the house and is very hard to move. However the key word in the product is ‘portable’ which means that it is quite easy for you to move it around from place to place. So what better way to help the environment, save money, and have convenience then to invest in a portable wind energy turbine.

Wind2Go Portable Wind Generator

One of the first designs of a portable wind generator was the Wind2Go generator which was made available in 2010. This small and compact generator was designed to be taken anywhere and used to generate energy required in that location. As far as set up was concerned it only took less than a minute to have ready to start harnessing the power of the wind. The battery packs are changeable so that you can charge as many packs as you can, so come day or night you will have power at hand to power your appliances.

Wind2Go Portable Wind Generator

The Wind2Go was developed primarily to provide power in disaster situations, however its use is not only limited to that. There is no law that stops you from purchasing it and using it for your next camping trip, at your cottage or even on your RV. When it is time to charge the battery packs, you can opt for the single or the multi charge mode. The one only allows one generator to charge the battery pack, the other gives you the option to plugin a few units that you have. This can drastically reduce the amount of time that it takes to charge each battery pack. The design itself was very clever, and this makes it easier and cost effective to manufacture this portable wind generator.

Telescopic 50W Vertical Axis Portable Wind Generator

The issue that most manufactures who want to develop portable wind generators is that  it is pretty difficult to reduce the size of wind blades and still be able to harness any significant amount of energy from the wind. This is why a vertical axis wind generator is a much better option for portable use. Not only does it take up far less space, you do not have to worry about the spinning blades as well as pointing it in the direction of the wind. This particular one produces a voltage of between 12 to 16V and the amperage is a maximum of about 4 Amps.

Telescopic VAWT Portable Wind Generator

What makes it stand out from the other vertical wind generators on the market is that it has a telescopic rotors that you can bring down if you are not using it or when the wind speeds are just too high to protect the generator. In the package that you get everything that you need to install it which includes cables to secure it in place, bars that you can mount it on and they even added a magnetized base that you can just let it stand on. You can expect it to produce wind power in very low wind speeds of 8 to 10 meters per second. All these features combined make it a very functional and useful option as far as portable wind energy is concerned.

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As already mentioned in this article above, it is more difficult to develop portable wind turbines that have blades. However, the students at the University of Texas at Austin took the challenge and where able to design a very interesting prototype that you can see in the video below. The only issues we see with this portable wind generator would have to be durability, it has too many loose and or moving parts.

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