Phoenix 300w Wind Generators

We are constantly trying to find new ways to be environmentally friendly and wind generators are the perfect way to create renewable energy that’s good for the environment. One wind generator that is fast becoming the favorite of many is the  

This generator is handy because it’s both small and compact which makes it very easy for anyone to install. It now has a new design and only weighs 12.5 kg which makes it easier to transport when compares to other larger more bulky previous models. The blades for this generator are made out of carbon fiber and with the new design all the parts have been made solid.

ThePhoenix300w wind generators are perfect for farms, rural and urban houses. Once installed, they can easily produce 500w output of electricity in no time which will definitely help you save money on your monthly electricity bill.

With the relatively low price of approximately US $690.00 per unit not only are you saving money, you are actually helping reduce green house gases by using wind power which is a renewable energy source to generate your electricity.

  Generating electricity from the wind will help you save money on your electricity bill, and it is definitely an ideal solution for people who live in regional areas where main power isn’t as cost effective or reliable as thePhoenix 300w wind generator would be.

This machine can supply you with 50kwh per month when it has good wind conditions and average wind speeds are 12m/s and 210 wind hours.

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