One Shot Wind Turbine Blade Technology

When it comes to designing and manufacturing wind turbine blades, there are many different processes available. Basically every single company tries to outdo the competition and develop the best most efficient and strongest blades. Cartflow is one of those companies and they manufacture rotor blades using a single infusion process also known as the one shot blade technology.

One Shot Wind Turbine Blade Technology

In order to strengthen the blades, they wrap their rotor blade profile with fibre glass or carbon fibre mats the whole way around. When the press does its job, the end result is a seamless blade that has no joints and or splices. The whole process is actually pretty interesting to watch, as the fibre mats are layered one by one by hand, extra care being taken to make sure all air bubbles are removed. They boost that their blades offer increased structural integrity, better efficiency and lower production costs. Their shortest blade is 6m long and has a power rating of 60kW, whilst the longest one is 17 m and has a rating of 200 kW.

You can watch the video below on the one shot blade technology…


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