New Concept Open Type Wind Generator

It is always interesting to see these new concepts that people are coming up with to improve wind energy generation whilst cutting down production and maintenance costs. This new concept has a series of tubular rotar blades laid down on a flat surface and feeding into each other.

The problems with current wind generation included the increasing blade length, size of the generators, the increasing height of the towers, 70% of the productions cost going to manufacturing the generators and also the fact that you have to wait for wind for generation to commence.

New Concept Open Type Wind Generator

The advantages of using this new concept type of wind generator includes:

  • Simple production as they have removed the need for a tower and large blades.
  • More Economical – Reduces 70% of generator production costs.
  • More Efficient – Increased efficiency due to faster wind speeds.
  • More Green Energy – Produces more green energy less fossil fuels.

This type of wind generator can be installed on top of high rise buildings, underground in subway ventilation vents or on actual subways and even on top of large vehicles such as SUVS, RVs, Campers and trucks. Any generated energy will be stored in batteries and used by the vehicle or the building.

Pretty cool concept, you can watch this video for more information…

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