Missouri General Wind Turbines Review

The Missouri Wind And Solar Turbine comes with a charge controller that is built to handle as much as 440 Amps. It has two displays on it, the top one displays the voltage of the battery and the bottom display shows the amps that the wind turbine is currently generating. As the wind blows you can actually see the bottom display move, if there is no wind and the turbine is not rotating you will see the display showing three zeros.

Missiouri Wind And Solar Turbine

There is three lights on the left hand side, the one at the very top is a green light that continually flashes to show that the system is functioning properly. The bottom two lights are both red and the bottom one comes on if something is malfunctioning on the whole system. Outside, the wind turbine itself is not like the usual home wind generators on the market. This one has 11 blades instead of the usual three. The generator is 800 W and it can be set up on a pole right next to the home at around 24 feet up from the ground. At the bottom of the pole about 3 feet off the ground is the shut off box. This will allow you to shut off the turbine if you need to.

The Full Set Up

The rest of the set up which is housed inside next to the charge controller includes. Inside the controller you will find amp breakers for both the battery and the turbine. This set up automatically redirects power generated into the Resistor Bank which is usually set up on the left hand side of the charge controller but a little higher. This is used for when the battery has been charged more than 15 Amps.

They now use hub spacers or stabilizer behind each one of their wind turbine hubs. Its job is to keep the hub from shaking or vibrating. They now make adapters for hubs that are larger so that you can still use them with their generator. As far as the noise is concerned it is pretty quite almost silent in winds as fast as 9 mph.

The Issues

There have been some tests carried out by customers who have purchased this wind turbine and they have put up their results up on Youtube. The issue is that the wind generators do not seem to produce as much energy as they are advertised to be producing. One guy did a test with a 1600W wind turbine and it only was able to produce 150 W and 225 W which is about 6Amps and 9 Amps. He claims that he knows a few other people who have got the same results as he has.

There has also been issues with the Scorpion circuit breakers, they seem to burn out very fast. You can get replacements if you send them in, but not all the time. You can replace them with switches that you can purchase at an automotive store. They go for about twenty dollars each and they can handle about 350 Amps. It is not a breaker or fuse but works well as fare as being able to turn things on and off without them breaking up.


Upon further review, there is definitely some red flags when it comes to this company. The first of course being the issue with their machines not being able to provide the advertised amperage. We did take the time to go on Youtube and search for videos with information on the output from these generators. The majority showed that the generator was not pulling its weight.

The second issue is their bad customer service, which includes not responding to customer emails or answering customer calls. Any company that stands behind its products should be able to provide reliable customer service. The only companies that try to hide or are unreachable after they have sold you something are companies that have something to hide.

Scientifically speaking, a wind generator with this many blades will most likely be unable to achieve anywhere close to 1800 RPM. This is due to turbulence that is caused by the blades and then results in the speed of the blades being limited automatically. It has been proven many times that the most efficient wind turbines are the one with 3 blades. There is a reason why those huge turbines we see on wind farms only have three blades, instead of eleven.

Our advice is that you should do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing these Missouri General Wind Turbines  for your home. There are a lot of companies are coming out with new wind generators every single day. A rule of thumb is if the price seems too cheap for the amount of power that is supposed to be generated, you should probably not be considering buying that wind generator for your home.

You can get more information on this wind generator company at their website here : http://www.mwands.com


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