Marine Wind Generators For Boats

If you own a boat or a yacht a marine wind generator is probably a good choice when it comes to generating power to run your instruments and appliances on board. Of course you can use solar panels or even better combine the two energy sources. After the initial cost of purchasing and setting up your wind generators, this will essentially be free energy for your boat. Let us not forget that it is also an environmentally friendly option.

There are many choices available on the market, but below you will find three of the most popular in terms or durability, reliability and efficiency.


Air Breeze Marine Wind Generator

This is manufactured by a company called South West Wind Power and is one of the most popular marine wind generators on the market. It was even featured in the go to magazine for serious boaters the Yachting Monthly. You can trust this company as they have been manufacturing wind turbines for more than 26 years. They are always improving their wind turbines and the latest one features brand new wind generator blade designs that are guaranteed to increase the efficiency but at the same time reduce the noise levels.

The new Air Breeze also has an improved internal regulator that improves how they store the energy that the marine wind generator provides. This all adds up when it comes to the daily output which has been claimed to go as high as 100 Amps daily when the wind is blowing at only 10.5 miles per hour. This was the first company to offer lifetime warranty on their generators for boats.

You can get an aluminum mast  to mount your Air Breeze that is designed to not only support it but also reduce the noise and vibrations that you will feel down below on the boat. You can also get a simple charge controller that allows turbine to stop/run or turns it on and off. This controller also has an amp meter and the connections on the back to attach the battery are easy to use too. You can also run the Air Breeze concurrently with solar panels you will just need the charge controller than can control both your wind generator and solar panels.


Silentwind Wind Marine Generator

Also commonly known as the Blue Wind Generator, the Silentwind Wind Generators are manufactured by a company in Germany. They have two choices available for purchase which are the 12V and the 24 volt. These wind generators where developed by them in their own wind tunnel and both use permanent magnet motors. These Silent Wind Generators work well in low wind speeds but have also been tested to be able to withstand hurricane wind speeds of up to 122 kilometers per hour.

Silentwind Wind Marine Generator

Unlike most other wind equipment manufactures who use molds on production lines to mass produce their blades. They take the time to hand make their blades, and this prolongs their lifespan and makes them more durable especially after constant exposure to Ultra Violet Rays of the sun. These blades also use the same aerodynamic designs that most of the airplanes apply to their wings.

Ultimately you get a wind generator with very reliable wind blades, that will last you for a long will but at the same time operate with very low noise outputs. Both generators can be connected with solar panels too, you just have to connect them to the wind and solar charge controllers. The Silentwind 12V marine wind generator currently sells for 1,168 Euros and the 24V sells for 1,208 Euros. These are very durable generators due to the quality of the components that are used to build them. You can expect to spend far less time maintaining them.

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Sunforce 600 Watt Marine Wind Turbine

Sunforce is one of the leaders in small wind generator manufacturing and they carry a 600 Watt Marine Wind Turbine that is perfect for providing power for your boats fridge, GPS, autopilot controls, the lighting as well as the radio you use to communicate with other boats and mainland. You can expect it to run in very low wind speeds and the outer main body is constructed from a corrosion resistant aluminum that makes this bad boy more durable especially in salty sea water environments.

This 600 W Marine Wind generator has the ability to charge both 12V and 24V batteries. Its blades are made from fiber glass and it is very easy to install but does not require a lot of time or effort to maintain it. The package you receive from Sunforce also come with the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which is designed to work hand in hand with this generator.

Sunforce 600 Watt Marine Wind Turbine

It too comes with a water resistant casing that is sealed with heat to make it more durable out in the harsh weather of the seas. This will help stop overcharging from occurring as well as prevent the batteries from discharging. The output you can expect is a maximum of 450W when operating at 12V or maximum of 600 W when operating at 24V. The charge controller will automatically detect which configuration your marine wind generator is connected to. This product comes to you with a five year warranty.

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