Manufactures Of Wind Power Equipment

These days everybody is doing what they can to help the environment. It can be recycling it can be using less water; however a great way to help the environment is to take advantage of using wind power.

Wind power is a natural resource that we can take advantage of to produce energy for our homes. There are a lot of manufactures that you can go to that you can purchase a wind turbine from. Before you purchase one you must keep in mind where you live and your specific needs.

Manufactures Of Wind Power Equipment

1. Sunforce Products Inc.

Sunforce Products Inc. is a leader in the renewable energy industry, manufacturing and distributing both solar and wind powered products. Their products range from solar panels and wind turbines for the home, water and RVs.

2. Abundant Renewable

Abundant Renewable energy is a company that produces very strong wind generators. Their machines have been installed in large areas to produce energy and are basically designed for harsher climates.

3. Bergey Wind Power

Bergey Wind Power is another manufacture that has a highly reliable wind energy system with ratings up to 10 kW. This company has earned a worldwide reputation for ruggedness and reliability. They also incorporate some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

4. Gaia Wind

Gaia Wind Manufactures is a company that thrives in building small and efficient wind turbines for private homes, farms, rural areas and light commercial or industrial facilities.

5. Proven Energy

Still talking about small turbines, Proven Energy is the world’s leading supplier of small scale wind turbines and is globally renowned for their turbine performance.

However, instead of spending hundreds and in some situations thousands of dollars on a wind turbine, you could always build one yourself. Taking the time to build one yourself could be fun and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Instead of paying $10,000 on a wind turbine you could spend maybe 100 dollars if you build your own. Just like everything in life you must do what is the best thing for you. So you can either purchase one from one of the many manufacturers or you can just build one on your own.

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