Lynx Wind Turbines

Lynx Wind is a small wind energy company that was founded by Marcus Gull. It is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and most of its distributors are in the state of Michigan too. Marcus spent many years researching and experimenting with wind energy. His main focus has been the vertical axis wind turbines. The company was set up so that he can start building his prototypes and sell real wind energy solutions to the public. The early range of wind turbines do not produce enough power for a whole house. It is recommended that you use them mainly for smaller applications like your boat, cottage, RV, camping, garden sheds or maybe a single room in your house.

Advantages Of Lynx Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

He has been mainly focused on the VAWT as they spin around vertically and never have to be pointed into the wind in order to start rotating. They are also very silent when they operate and do not need a lot of wind to start rotating. The smallest breeze can start generating power regardless of how small the energy output is. If the wind increases to high speeds, this type of wind generator is not affected it keeps on turning and generating energy from the wind. Most traditional wind turbines require a certain wind speed to start turning due to the fact that the alternators often get clogged. This happens when the the magnets get attracted to the steel laminates within the alternator. Marcus’s design does not have steel laminates, so the magnets have nothing to get attracted to.

How To Connect Sea Gull Turbines To Your Home

Due to variable wind speeds, the output from wind turbines is not reliable. It has been given the term ‘Wild A/C’. In high wind speeds the turbines generally produce a higher voltage than in lower wind speeds. This is the reason why you cannot connect your wind turbine directly to any of the appliances that you are running in your house. The way to get around harvesting wind energy is to connect the wind turbine to a 12V battery and then connect the battery to an inverter. The inverter has the ability to convert 12 V Direct Current from the battery into 110 V Alternating Current that can be used by any of the small appliances or lighting systems. Turn on the inverter anytime you need power for your appliances.

The Gull 40 Wind Turbine Kit

There are currently three models available on the market. The Gull 40 is the smallest that measures 20 inches by 20 inches. It rotates as fast as 1000 rpm and is still very quiet. Wind power generation begins at wind speeds of only 6 mph. You do not need a controller just connect it to your 12 V battery and you can start charging the battery. This is an easy to set up DIY kit, that has a rotor that lifts off and can be folded when you need to move the turbine. The blades have tips that are designed to boast output by as much as 15%. They also help make the whole set up a lot stronger.

The Gull 160 Turbine Kit

This one is double the size of the Gull 40. It measures 40″ x 40″. They had a special alternator designed for this one that allows it to turn in very low wind speeds as well as being more efficient. You can assemble it easily in your house. In addition to a specially designed alternator, they also had special blades designed for this turbine. These blades are very efficient as they always provide maximum forward thrust while at the same time reducing any drag that maybe trying to slow down the rotation. Power output has been measured at 10 to 15 watts when wind speeds are 10 mph and up to 185 watts when they go as high as 28 mph.

lynx wind turbines

Seagull 75 DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Plans

For those of us who like to get down and dirty. The Seagull 75 DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is the perfect choice for you. Using simple tools and materials you can buy at a local hardware store, you can easily construct this wind turbine using the plans provided. Over three years of research and development went into this design. You have 6 ceramic magnets and three coils within the alternator. Everything you need is provided including detailed guides and illustrations. When set up this VAWT coupled with a transformer can easily produce 40 volts at very low wind speeds. The plans will cost you just $10 at the time of writing this article.

The goal is to make these wind turbines very efficient and affordable. Since most of the components in are currently being made by hand this makes the wind turbines a little more expensive. If you go to the Lynnx Wind website you can order plans to build one of their wind turbines at home. It will cost you less in dollars, but more in the time that you will spend building it. They also have other supplementary products available such as alternators and DC converters. You can find Lynx Wind Power online @

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