Japanese Typhoon Wind Turbine

Typhoons have always been viewed as disasters, which are only there to destroy infrastructure and sometimes take people’s lives. However,someone has decided to actually use them for the greater good, harnessing all that energy and storing it for use in the national grid. It will soon all be possible with the introduction of the typhoon wind turbine being developed in Japan by a tech company called Challenergy Inc.

Japan Typhoon Wind Turbine

The inventor Atsushi Shimizu was inspired by the nuclear accident in Japan, to build this storm resistant turbine. This Vertical Axis Wind Turbine will have 3 blades and is omni-directional. This means it will be able to spin in any direction as dictated by the wind. The brake is actually the center pivot, and it can be used to control the speed of the turbine and even bring it to a complete stop. They expect this new turbine to be at least 30% efficient compared to the 45% of the traditional wind turbines.

The biggest difference though is that although the conventional turbines are more efficient during normal conditions, they can be damaged during typhoons. Early calculations have shown that, just one typhoon would able to produce enough power to power Japan for as many as 50 years. With at least 3 typhoons hitting mainland Japan every year, this turbine could be a real energy saver in the future.

You can watch the video below on the typhoon wind turbine…

You can watch the video below as inventor Atsushi Shimizu talks about his typhoon turbine…


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