Home Wind Power Kits

There are several different wind power kits that you can choose from. One example is the budget kit and in the budget kit, you are provided with everything you need to generate your own electricity and help you with your energy needs. This system comes with 6 major parts.

The first part is called the turbine Rutland 503 which is ideal and has the ability to produce 60 watt which would power roughly 5 or 6 energy saving light bulbs. Luckily since the energy is stored in a battery you can later on use it with equipment that requires a higher amount of power.

Then you have the rigging which is 1m of steeling tubing. That is used to mount the turbine however it is up to you to mount it on a suitable location. Next you have the cable which is 10 meters you use this to run between the turbine and the regulator. The regulator is hrs503 which is specifically made for the turbine that is in this kit.

The fifth element in this kit is the battery. The battery that was chosen is an AGM 35 which is a maintenance free battery. Finally the last but definatly not least item is the inverter which is a Genius 150 watt the inverter must turn the DC current in to AC current that powers household appliances. They chose this to make sure that the battery does not deplete too quickly and what this means to you is that you can plug in appliances up to 150 watts.

Of course also provided to you are the instructions. There are a few other different home wind power kits that you can choose from like the mid range kit which for not that much more money, provides a great deal more electricity. However in the end it is up to you to choose the kid that will satisfy your electricity needs.

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