Home Made Wind Mill

With the prices for almost everything in the world going up with each day, people need to think of more conventional ways to help them save money. One such way to save money on energy is by building your own homemade windmill which you can therefore get free energy from.

If you were to try and buy a windmill at the store, it could cost you thousands of dollars. However if you built your own it would probably co st no more that a hundred dollars. People everywhere are trying to do this even in Africa


Photo credit: movingwindmills.org

There is a young man named William Kamkwamba who built a windmill from scratch. Although, it might not be impressive, had he done so after a trip to Home Depot. He did so in the Malawian outback, for only sixteen dollars in cash, using discarded parts and learning engineering by trial and error.

Now that the windmill has been completed, the mill generates enough power to save his family money on home lighting, phone charging and batteries. The design uses a system of pulleys to make generation more efficient than a simple turbine, one of which can be hooked up to a bicycle to add human-power to the mix when needed.

Just take a moment and imagine what if mass production of such mills could be accomplished for $16 a shot. If it is good enough for London, why not for every rooftop in, or indeed the world? It is also great because it helps save the environment by not creating any pollution and taking advantage of our natural resources

By doing this families will have a lot more money to spend on their family and pay other bills and a lot more people could possibly be living debt free. So if you want to save money and energy think about a Homemade windmill?


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