Fact Or Myth – Wind Turbines Kill Birds?

Many people who are against wind energy use the argument that wind turbines kill birds. So what if you were to take a stroll around the base of a wind turbine, you should be able to spot some dead bird carcasses, right? That is exactly what this one wind energy enthusiast set out to do, and he took his camera to record everything that he ran into.

Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds?

His target wind turbine was a 2.3 MW wind turbine, which was just one of many in this particular wind farm. The day this video was recorded was not a windy day, nevertheless if those against wind turbines are correct he should still be able to locate some dead birds around the base of this giant machine. He even has his dog to help him sniff out any dead birds, that the may not be able to see.

The Results

This particular video was shot in Scotland, you can watch the full video below to see the results of what he saw after searching the base of this particular wind turbine.

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