Facebook’s Wind Powered Server Structure

Social media giant Facebook, recently announced that they will complete what they have dubbed the longest server structure in the world, in the year 2014. The real exciting part about this project is that this whole building is going to be powered by wind energy. They have invested over 300 million dollars into this project. The building itself located in Iowa is over 476 000 square feet and will be a super advanced server center. One of the most advanced in the whole world.

Facebook's Wind Powered Server Structure

This building will also be the longest server building in the world. Facebook is not stopping there though. They plan to build three more of these building in the next few years in the same location. With this latest announcement, they should be able to get back on the good side of the environmental group GreenPeace, who have been real critical in the past, in regards to Facebook’s support of renewable energy sources. They were comparing them to online search engine giant Google who have invested billions of dollars in green energy for their servers.

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