Electro Vent Wind Generators

So you too have heard about electro vent wind generators,huh? You are now probably wondering why this brand of generators is getting more popular with each day thatpasses by? It is all about the quality of these generators.

Let’s do a little background check on Electrovent shall we?

Well, they are a small Canadain company based out of Saint
Foy in the province of Quebec. Saint Foy is one of those
rural Quebec towns, hence the decision by electro vent to
manufacture small wind generators for rural settings.

Their generators are perfect for the power needs of your cabin
in the mountains, your fishing or hunting camp, sailboat,
camper or rv, amateur radio repeater station, or just for
a spare electricity source in case of a power failure.

You get an easy to follow instruction manual that makes
installation a breeze, including the ever so confusing battery
connections. Over the years the electrovent generatorshave
been proven to be very reliable, nevertheless they still come
with a full one year warranty on parts and labour.

These domestic Canadian made wind generators compare very well
to the other more famous foreign brands. The most popular of the
electrovent brand being the 15 amp model, which has been shown
to produce an output of up to 20 amps
in some medium heavy winds.

Other features I like about the electrovent wind generators is
that they come with a wind speed governor as standard equipment
to prevent damage to your unit in strong winds. They are modeled
after a car’s alternator, which has been proven to sometimes
have a life of up to 10 years. This also means that you can
expect your generator to last for many years to come.

Ok, how much do these little buggers cost?

The most popular model the 15 amp wind generator goes for about
$1,000 Canadian before taxes. The 30 amp is only about $200
canadian more at around $1,200 Canadian dollars before tax.

They are very affordable and are worthwhile investment for when you
need electricity. Why not use free wind energy, instead of a
gas or diesel powered generator that not only will cost you
when it comes to running it, but also pollutes the beautiful
earth that we are living on.

If you would like more information on these generators feel
free to visit the company’s website at www.electrovent.com

You can scroll to the bottom of their page for full contact
information, they even have a toll free number & email address.

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