Dunlite Wind Generators

The famous dunlite wind generators is a brand that was founded
by Lloyd Dunn, based in Australia. These generators are famous
for excellent power. However the bad news is that the company
was sold and the company that bought it no longer makes or
supports the old dunlite wind genertors.

These generators are very rare nowadays and only a few sites
on the internet provide information on how to take care or
repair some of the models. You can download pdf brochures of
some of the manuals and if you cannot find your particular
model, it would be wise to just ask on a forum and you should
be able to get help from one of the active dunlite enthusiats

I can only assume that the reason why dunlite wind generators
are still this popular even after then not being manufactured
anymore, may have something to do with how powerful and reliable
these machines have proven to be over the years they have been

Most of the owners do not wish to replace them when they break
down they instead, opt to try the best to get them repaired.
That’s why we seeing more websites that have free information
on dunlite wind generators.

Here’s one site you can go to:


One other thing I have noticed about these generators is that
from most of the tests that were carried out on them as far
as performance was concerned. They always seemed to measure up
with what the manufactured had stated they would do. I guess
that’s why customers really loved the dunlite brand.

This brand was one of the first models of wind generators on
the market, dating back to almost 40 years from present day.
They were available in a wide range of output voltages like
12 volt, 24 volt, 32 volts, 48 volt and 110 volt.

There was a decrease in maximum output is experienced with
the lower voltage machines due to the large currents produced.
3 propellors where the almost standard on all models, and
they were well designed to perform at optimum levels regardless
of the weather conditions.

One last feature I should say was very intriguing on these
generators was the built in feathering effect that allowed
the turbines to work well in all weather conditions. From
winds as slow as 4o km/hr all the way to 160/km per hour.

You can get more information on this brand from here:


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