Buy A Wind Generator

These days a lot of people, especially when it comes to living in rural areas contemplate investing in a wind generator. A lot of questions go through these people’s minds such as, will a turbine save them money on their electricity bill.

Generally a wind turbine can lower your electricity bill by 50 to 90 percent. It is actually common for some wind turbine owners to pay a bill as low as $8 to $15 for nine months of the year. In northern parts of the United States place, the amount of electricity your family generally use, the amount of wind that is in your area and the speed of the wind as well as a few other factors.

A residential wind generator can sometimes be quite a large device and is therefore not recommended for urban homes unless it has a very small turbine. As a general rule of thumb, a turbine owner should have at least a 10 miles per hour  average wind speed and be paying at least ten cents per kilowatt hour for electricity.

Remember that a wind turbine will help save the environment because it has absolutely no pollutants, so you are saving the earth by investing in one. Do realize that a wind turbine can cost you anywhere from six to twenty two thousand dollars.

Although the price may seem a little high you will get utility savings within 6 to 15 years, but not only this. You also get another hidden added bonus because it increases your property value. For these reasons and of course many others, as the years go by you will find that buying a wind generator was not such a bad idea.

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