Build Wind Turbines – A Powerful Business Opportunity

Small scale wind turbines which supply power to individual homes or businesses in city or country are the wave of the future. It has become obvious to most people that we must cut our dependence on power generated by high polluting power stations fueled by gas,oil or coal. Our environment is fast becoming so damaged by emissions from the use of fossil fuels that we must do something about it now before it is too late.

Wind powered turbine power generators are available from many sources but they are unfortunately expensive. A lower cost wind powered generator would solve this problem for many power consumers who would like to generate all or part of the power they consume. Not only does this help mother earth but the free power from the wind is a money saver into the bargain. Plans for building a low cost wind turbine from auto parts,wood and a few odds and ends are readily available.

A small wind power generator can be mounted on the roof of a home or other building or can be free standing with its own support. Several can be built to supply all the power requirements of the home or business and excess power produced can be sold to the local power company in many areas. This is a wonderful business opportunity for anyone who can build these wind turbines at low cost and sell them to people who do not have the time or skill to build their own.

Any cottage,farm or even city home can be powered by electricity generated by the wind. Those who live far from a power line need not be without power. Wind power is one of the green forms of power generation which does no harm to our environment. It is in fact the cleanest form of power generation which can be harnessed at reasonable cost. Solar panels are also very “clean” but they are costly and have low power output.

The average person,who has some experience with a home workshop,can easily build wind turbines from new or used auto parts,some wood and simple tools. Several can be built for the cost of one commercially produced model. There is a ready market for these since many consumers want to install them to generate all or part of their power supply. Plans with instructions and illustrations are readily available for anyone who wants to start in this business,in their home workshop,or even to make a turbine or several for their own use. Why not get into this business now? The time is certainly ripe for any product which will help preserve the environment and save money at the same time.

Interested in a wind turbine business,or in making them for your own use? More information on this great opportunity to make low cost wind power generators in your home workshop can be found at


About the Author

John Mowatt is a retired business man who is interested in wind power as a means of producing clean “green” electricity. He has researched means of building wind powered generator turbines at low cost and has found that this is a great business opportunity.

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