Anakata Wind Power

For those of us who enjoy watching the Formula 1 races, you would probably be surprised that same technology is now being adopted to revolutionize the wind energy industry. A company called Anakata Wind Power, that was founded by a Mercedes F1 Grand Prix Chief Aerodynamicist and Vestas Lead Engineer is at the forefront of this development.

Anakata Wind Power

They have started by redesigning their wind blades that produce up to 3% more AEP, 25% lighter as well as up to 3dB quieter. Their designs can be adopted to blades of any length regardless of whether they have tip devices or not. The UK government has awarded them a grant to develop a new 15m diameter wind turbine rotor.

They have patents for the ‘Accelerator Technology’ as well as the ‘Microdownstream’ for their micro wind turbine systems designs. Their ultimate goal is to maximize efficiency while creating super silent turbines. The focus is not only on reducing the noise, but also making turbines that are also more visible to wildlife.

You can watch this short video below on Anakata Wind Power Resources…


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