Air Breeze Marine Wind Turbine

The Primus Air Breeze Marine Wind Turbine a wind turbine that comes with a built in controller, which effectively means you just connect it using the wires directly to your lead acid battery bank. Unlike other small home wind turbines, all settings come preset from the factory. However, there is also an option that allows you to adjust your voltage from 12V, 24V or 48V.

Primus Air Breeze Marine Wind Turbine

Inside the box you will find everything you need from three blades, Allen wrenches, hardware, nose cap, switch, hub cap and the body of the turbine. The total weight of the box is only 13 pounds, so it is a very light weight wind turbine. As far as energy output is concerned, you can expect up to 30KWh of energy every month from this wind turbine. The start up speed is 3.1 m/s (7 mph) and can operate safely up to 22 m/s (49mph)

There are 3 cables that you will use to connect the wind turbine to your power bank, one positive, one negative and an earth wire. The wires are just slightly longer than two feet, giving you enough wire to play around with when making your connections. Any vibrations from the wind spinning the blades will be absorbed by the dampening and there is an attachment that helps you install the turbine on a pole.

When installed and ready to run, there is a green led light at the bottom of the turbine. When the light is solid then power is readily available for charging batteries. Slow blinking led, indicates that batter bank is full and over charge protection is currently activated. When there is too much wind, the over speed protection will kick in and you will see a fast blinking LED light. You can buy this wind turbine online on

You can watch the video below on showing all the Primus Air Breeze Turbine Components…


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