Adding Wind Power To The Motor Home

Whether you want it or not, it is our duty to find new ways to help save our environment. Why you may ask? The answer is simple, over the years we have abused the environment. So to help save our precious environment we can do things such as recycle take shorter showers and also use less energy.

The best thing that we can do is take advantage of our natural resources that never run out. Now of course an RV is something that needs energy to run. If you want a renewable, clean and efficient power system for your RV, but you don’t want to have to depend on the sun needed for of an RV solar kit, there is RV wind power products that you can benefit from.

The great thing is that these products allow you to save just as much money as you would from the solar kits, but utilize the power of the wind for energy generation. For your convenience RV Solar Shop carries a full line of RV wind products, which include Air X RV wind generators, RV tower kits, RV wind accessories, and a complete RV wind power package.

Adding Wind Power To The Motor Home

Some of the available products also include a complete wind generator and tower package. This is the most expensive kit that they have available for you to purchase. This RV wind power kit features an Air X RV wind generator and a 15′ telescoping RV tower kit.

Next on the list, rated at 400W you have the Air X RV wind generators from RV Solar Shop which offers great power output in a small, lightweight, low-cost package. They have both land and marine models available for you to purchase. Finally you have a full line of accessories for the Air X RV wind generators including tower kits, circuit breakers, stop switches, and AMP meters.

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