8 Disadvantages Of Wind Turbines In Your Backyard

So what are the disadvantages of having a large wind turbine erected in your backyard? Support for renewable energy sources such as wind has been growing in recent years. However, when it comes to installing huge wind turbines in your backyard, that is where most people draw the line.

It turns out that there are some serious disadvantages to having even just one 400ft high wind tower erected as close as 600 ft from homes in a residential neighbourhood.

disadvantages of wind turbine

Most of these problems are health and sleep related according to families who have been unfortunate enough to find themselves in this predicament. As soon as the blades start spinning, the problems begin.

Cons Of Wind Turbines In Residential Areas

1. Vibrations In Home & Ground.

2. Constant Humming Sound

3. Constant Ringing In The Ears .

4. Headaches.

5. Dizziness When On Your Feet.

6. Lack Of Sleep At Night.

7. Daytime Sunlight Flicker.

8. Nausea.

As a result of lack of enough sleep both adults and children have difficulties getting up in the morning. They also find it hard to concentrate and stay awake during the day.

The sad part is that, even in circumstances when all the appropriate permits and set regulations are followed, the same complaints have been raised.

What then can be done to avoid these issues? Well perhaps all wind turbines should be erected far away from residential areas or not at all. The second one may not be an option especially for smaller towns. In this case the energy savings may far outweigh the side affects to one household.

Some families have gone to court and requested these residential wind turbines to be shut down at night time. They have faced opposition from the owners who claim a considerable amount of energy is produced at night time.

This is the exact position the family in the video below finds themselves in. They could sell the house and move away, but then again who wants to buy a house with a giant wind turbine in its backyard?

You can watch the video below…

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