10 Reasons to Use Home Built Wind Power

There are many reasons why you should choose to use home built wind power today. I have gone ahead to list ten good ones for you below…

10 Reasons to Use Home Built Wind Power

1. When there is no sun you will usually have wind and this keeps your system going and charging. You want to work on having a wind turbine that works with the least amount of wind.

2. When you have solar you can set your system to use what available wind power there is to charge extra batteries.

3. The cost to set up and run a home built wind turbine can be minimal in cost as compared to solar panels.

4. Building your own could become a home based business and/or just an enjoyable thing to create your own project to produce energy for your use.

5. Studying and building your own gives you opportunity for your minds creativity to increase production of your wind turbine and maybe finding ways to be useful to others and their projects

6. Wind is a non-polluting free source of energy and with more advanced work it becomes more viable to use especially for home use.

7. There is most always some amount of wind and depending on your system it will be producing energy. The freer turning with less wind will be more productive.

8. Home made wind turbines can be made to look like old Dutch mills, or grain mills or painted to match there environment. Making them an added beauty to there surroundings.

9. Wind power can reduce your electric cost and dependence on power companies for electric. Saving you money and giving you more independence at home and help our countries independence from foreign oil.

10. In the process of building, learning to make you own propellers can be a fun and enjoyable undertaking. Others that might not want to make their own or don’t feel they have the ability could buy from you. Thus creating a small home cottage business.

Most of these things can only be done in rural areas for now. You would have to check with your area where you live before building.

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